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The purpose of marketing is to reach more people. There are thousands of platforms to use to get your voice heard, but if you are not reaching the correct audience, at the correct time, with the correct message - your voice will get drowned out by all the noise. So we help you pinpoint your most engaged audience, analyze their behavior to reach them at the right time, and develop various messages to determine what speaks to their needs and desires the best

Samantha McKinney is an experienced Entrepreneur, Artist, Educator, and Small Business Community Advocate based in North Carolina. With over a decade of expertise in business management, arts administration, startups, nonprofits, logistics, operations, sales, and marketing, she has provided valuable support to dozens of companies and organizations.

Through a dynamic combination of administrative proficiency and creative skills, Samantha McKinney has effectively improved operations, leading to enhanced productivity, awareness, engagement, and revenue. Additionally, Samantha has been honored to share her insights at various conferences, workshops, events, and conventions along the East Coast.

Samantha McKinney Owner of Create A Heart Marketing for Small Business

Samantha McKinney


Samantha is flexible and allowed me to gain experience in the areas I was lacking, such as Google Ad creation, Facebook Ad creation, Writing blog posts, and email marketing. My social media management and copy writing skills improved the most during our time working together!

-Karis Szmaciasz

Client Testimonials

Samantha helped me with web services, lead generation, and project management. I am extremely satisfied with her services!

-Jarvus Hester


Samantha helped me create captivating captions for IG, create my online portfolio , maintain a daily schedule to help keep on track! I have progressed in your personal goals during the time you've worked with Samantha.

-Jill Ruder


Samantha listened very well and helped with ideas and creative strategies to help guide me moving forward with my ventures. Because of her, I have learned how prepare better presentations for clients, understanding as well how to market myself effectively to bring attention to the audience I would like to deal with.

-David Nelson


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We Optimize
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Create A Heart Marketing working with Small Businesses

Get Organized, Stay Organized & Scale

Just like anything in life, marketing requires planning. We help you develop a customized marketing strategy specific to your organization mission, available resources, and brand. Your marketing strategy is designed to grow as your business grows, and takes into account current and future developments in the market. Your strategy is specific to your mission and your goals and won’t be duplicatable by your competition.

Turn Your Stakeholders into Champions

We help you synthesize and share all your great ideas and information with your target audience on social media. Our highly curated content engages your audience and increases the brand awareness for your nonprofit. Your social media profiles will become the main hub for engagement and interaction with your stakeholders, turning them into your champions to spread the word about your cause and build support. Sharing your knowledgeable content on social media will help your organization create value and build trust with your new and existing audience.

Create A Heart Marketing working with Small Businesses on Digital Marketing
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